Samuel Adeyemi Chapbook Is Out

Heaven Is A Metaphor — Samuel A. Adeyemi

17th August 2021 Praxis Magazine Online take into account the honour and glory of publishing African new and super emerging voice  Samuel A. Adeyemi Poetry Chapbook ““Heaven Is A Metaphor”


Reading Samuel A. Adeyemi, is like having a conversation with ones present and past in a subconscious state- Samuel Poetry to me is always subliminal, the way he dodge and confront reality without breaking a bone still awe me

In Babel 

He said

Olorun fun iya mi ni ilera to dara

“not even the language of the prophet can rain down a miracle from the sky”

This is lamentation and then he bare it all by confronting what it is that we feared in the next verse

He said

Why have you forsaken us

“she is bedridden again and I am here  helpless in my hope”

Samuel is fearless and honest with his delivery as each verse is a room to another house, I really can’t get enough of this concise quippy collection that initiates imagery in the mind of it reader.


SAMUEL is our Star of the week

Click here to read and download “Heaven Is A Metaphor


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