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#artandtheartist Episode 2 Theyareaware Featuring Pendeowie Rtetetiptiv aka Ontop

Here is Pendeowie, 17, a Junior School student from the Bayelsa State School For Children With Special Needs, nicknamed Ontop, he was born deaf, mute and he limp.

Pendeowie Rtetetiptiv aka Ontop


Camera shy Pendeowie drew a Violin and Ball Peppers with each drawing a room to his ambitions.

In his word translated by the sign language teacher Mrs Henrietta, he said all his life he always wish to be a successful trader who will sit quietly in the market and play violin to entertain his customers while also sells goods at cheaper rate especially ball peppers, because he doesn’t know why it is costly when it is easy to plant and cultivated, although he said he has never play or owned a violin before but watching people playing it on his friends phone always gives him joy, the way they swerve like a drunkard amuse him and he loves it.

Pendeowie Rtetetiptiv live and School in Bayelsa State Nigeria. He came 6th in  The Yellow House Library Rating for Arts


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