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#artandtheartist Episode 1 Featuring Tammy aka Tee Cue


Meet Tammy, a senior student from Bayelsa State School for Students With Special Needs. Born deaf and mute, Tammy has always have a thing for drawing, a quiet person, he spent most of his time reading, learning new skills on the net and also focusing on becoming a doctor /software engineer and a voice that will elevate the conversations about people living with disability, in his words translated by Mrs Henrietta, the signed language teacher,

he said

I love music, too bad we don’t get to translate it to us, I will focus on technology that will translate music to sign language so everyone will dance and feel it”

Today he draw a LION which

he said it is his star animal that best describe him as a fighter and a never given up guy.


He came 7th in The Yellow House Library rating.


Drop a word of Encouragement for Tammy.


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