The Process For Recalling A Member Of The House of Assembly

By Yakubu Nasiru Khalid

The Process For Recalling A Member Of The House of Assembly Is Contained In Section 110 of the 1999 Constitution. Law Gives Us A Right To call back of elected lawmakers, Executive Officers Before Their Expiration the Periods, “Recalling”.


By Yakubu Nasiru Khalid


Inefficiency of our representatives in the both National and State has become common and every now and then increase. Most of the politicians that we voted for to represent our interest into a various governmental affairs are not well enough fit to stand and protect our interest, this leads to the inefficiency of serving the public interest. 


Democracy system of government offers the years of serving as an elected presentative, four years, before conducting another election. As a result of this, many problems increase repeatedly, because of unfitted representatives that we voted to decide on our behalf in the public policy(affairs) and we have a right to recall them back before the end of their tenure. 


A recall is the process through which a validly

elected member of the State House of Assembly may be removed from his/her seat in the House. It is a voting process where the electorate decide via a referendum (a yes or no vote) whether they want the House of Assembly member to remain for the rest of

his/her term or whether he/she should be recalled.


The process for recalling a member of the House of Assembly is contained in Section 110 of the 1999 Constitution. The process to recall a member of the House of Assembly is started once the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) receives a petition signed by more than one-half of the persons registered to vote in that House of Assembly member’s constituency alleging their loss of confidence in the individual.


The petition must be signed, and arranged according to polling units, wards, Local Government Areas, and constituency.


In Conclusion, democracy has given a lot of privilege to the citizens of country the operates the system. We can make our country better through examine and follow up of the activities of those that we voted for in the National Assembly, putting of government machinery into their fitted place, is the best way of creating an excellent, vibrant, outstanding and well civilized society.



Yakubu Nasiru Khalid is a student, poet, Journalist, social fighter, silent critic and creative Writer.

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