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Watch Tydale Reads to us

In preparation for our Chiwan Choi  The Yellow House Library  prize for Poetry and Teex Prize for Performance, this morning dated 29/01/2021 the superb Abigail-Tydale Bassey perform two of her poems  that was featured on Cultural Daily magazine to the Yellow House Library teens.   It was a powerful performance worth …

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short story

Why don’t you start Your monday reading this Short Story by 10years old Deborah from The Yellow House Library.   Story Title “The Dull but confident new Class Prefect”   Once Upon a time there was a boy called Erick, humm! Erick, he was a very dull boy and did …

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Poetry: Mud House

Mud House Poem by 16years old Goodness Godstime, a member of The Yellow House Library reading community   Yesterday my father sent my brother packing Today we are packing mud to fill the void we have to build again, We have to build from my brother mistake Don’t mistake me …

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Open Reading Continues

We took our open reading to another level today, as teens from the community reads verses off Teka Lark “What Every Child Should Know” and also share some of their short stories with the rest of the world through Clubhouse. Nothing beat the smile on their faces when people listening …

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Reaching Out

As a community library, aside being a medium that creates a bridge to resources and community involvement we are also tasked with the responsibility of serving as a conduit to access information and to learn. Like our rituals for every academic session, we (26/10/2021) embarked on a week long book …

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Samuel The Disobedient Child

Then 11years old, when Joyce God’s time joined the Yellow House Library last year as a lender, she said to us, she will one day write a short story of her own, and like everyone else wish, dreams are the mother of reality. Nothing beat determination when the bedrocks of …

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Applying Psalm 121 To A Gentile

Listen to the Magnificent Samuel A. Adeyemi  as he read his poem, “Applying Psalm 121 to a Gentile” to the Yellow House Library community of readers and lenders. We hope you enjoy listening. Don’t forget to support the library Donate  

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Watch Onyedikachi Read to us

I always said to my self, lullabies knows no themes or genres because poems are prayers shooting for the stars then to dream lands. You see, after listening to and watched Chiwan Choi & Nnadi Samuel reads their Poetry to them, The Yellow House Library Community are thirsty and eager …

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Watch Samuel Nnadi Read To Us

15 May 2021, a sunny saturday afternoon here in Yenagoa Bayelsa State Nigeria. The Yellow House Library community of readers who -had- in the previous week watched L.A based Poet and Editor Chiwan Choi reads verses from “The Yellow house”    chapbook are eager to watch more poetry from some amazing …

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Self Portraits

Oh yesssssssss. Earlier this year we visited streets across Bayelsa  and Ekiti State, Nigeria. asking teens to tell us their story through clay Mouldings and drawings for our Picture Book and  Chiwan Choi The Yellow House Library Prize For Creativity. The picture book is tilted “Self Portraits”  and it is …

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