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Tuesday Poem of the day

Our Poem Of The Day is   •• Oh! Giant of Africa— ABBA ••  by Yakub Yaseer Ọpẹyẹmi we hope you enjoy reading this wonderful poem.     Oh Nigeria! With ink of love; Being shed by wooden pen made of peace – Into a lullaby paper surface; I’m writing this …

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Drowning Myself into Supplication

The Yellow House Library Poem Of The Day is  Drowning Myself into Supplication by Adedamola R Aderibigbe we hope you enjoy reading   I stroll by and by, as infant babbles and coos, appears— overfed by the mother. Some youngsters sprint down the road laughing heartily. I look on in delight. once, …

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Poem Of The Day

The Yellow House Library poem of the day is “There’s No Rose Without Thorn” by Oletu   ‘There’s No Rose Without’   there’s no rose without thorns, not thorns but prickles, keeping away predators     our love, engineered by nature, for self-defense & we survived the rocks, welcoming new …

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Our Book of the week Is

Our book of the week is “The Distinguished Corps Member” A Motivational And Practical Instruction Towards Winning While Serving Humanity by Bello Charles Adebayo   The book, describes the concept of service and how important it is to individuals, organisations, communities and country. The author reveals proven principles and procedures …

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Our book of the Day for the month of May

Why don’t you start your day with our book of the day “Think big” by Ben Carson In Think Big, which emanates from the last chapter of his best-selling Gifted Hands, Dr. Ben Carson prescribes his personal formula for success. And who could better advise than one who transformed his …

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