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Review Of Unexpected Joy at dawn

    Review of Alex Agyei Unexpected Joy at Dawn by  Ifenaike Ayomipo Unexpected Joy Dawn is a masterpiece that portrays distinctly the downsides of boundaries, which crystalize nationalities—a sense of belonging. The novel begins with Nii, the protagonist, and his wife, Massa, who is bedridden. Nii’s ailing wife symbolises …

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Summary Of harvest Of Corruption

Read fifteen years old Aylbamiesintei Napoleon summary of Harvest Of Corruption. Honestly this would have been the best book I have read but the Nigerian women shouldn’t be always write into a book in such way because book live a memory in our hearts either good or bad, the story …

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Literary Analysis of Hayford’s Rejoice

A Literary Analysis of Hayford’s Rejoice (Poem)   As written by Gladys Casely Hayford, “Rejoice” is a simple poem that treats solely the issue of racial discrimination. The first line declares an assurance of joy for the readers, commanding them also to “throw all burdens” away. The rationale being that …

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Review Of To The Women Of New Africa

A Review of To The Women of New Africa By Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed   POEM Proud mothers of the coming age, ‘Tis good to find you now engage Your minds and time your lives to raise Above the level of byegone days.   ‘Tis good to see you play your …

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Analysis of Micheal Dei-Anang’s Dear Africa

Analysis of Micheal Dei-Anang’s Dear Africa Analysis of Micheal Dei-Anang’s Dear Africa POEM DEAR AFRICA Awake, thou sleeping heart! Awake, and kiss The love-lorn brow Of this ebon lass, Dear Africa, Whose virgin charms Ensnare the love-lits hearts Of venturing youths From other lands.   Awake, sweet Africa Demands thy …

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Review Of What Every Child Should Know

“A REVIEW OF LARK SONTANG’s WHAT EVERY CHILD SHOULD KNOW” by  THE YELLOW HOUSE LIBRARY   A veteran author of education, Lark Sontag, in an attempt to aid the little ones through her art has pened down an invaluable motivational tips in her book entitled “What Every Child Should Know”  Despite …

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Review Of The Other House

The moment I read that Poet Rocio Carlos  had read the manuscript of “The Yellow House” by Chiwan Choi  I knew we are in for a superb chapbook collection and amazing poetry. After lending a copy of  The Other House  from our library  the superb Tares Oburumu has decided to write a profound …

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Review Of The Yellow House

Whenever I  have the opportunity to lend some books to Tares Oburumu I always awaits his reviews about such book. We hope you enjoy reading Tares Oburumu honest review of The Yellow House by the legendary Chiwan Choi.   Learn To Stand In The Storm And See The Light – The Rebuilding Of …

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