My Spirit Says So

We hope you enjoy reading this poem, “My Spirit Says So” by Owoeye Taiwo Bisola.   My Spirit Says So   Sometimes I want to throw in the towel but it becomes heavy and sticky to my fingers; I’m brainwashed by the speech my spirit speaks to me “don’t ever throw …

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The Queer Is In The Streets

We hope you enjoy reading this wonderful piece by Jon Kote.   The Queer Is In The Streets The queer is in the streets Without an invite, the community is on Google Meet Each one has a score to treat Each one has a weapon to chop this meat   …

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Love and Lullaby

For lovers who dream of nothingness Temitope Bamidele surely give a poem to run back to read over and over again we hope you enjoy reading this.   Love and Lullaby   Don’t think of falling in love with me My lips are intoxicating With the gentle kiss of mine …

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Head in the cloud

Read this wonderful poem, head in the cloud by Owoeye Kehinde Bisoye. HEAD IN THE CLOUD. My head is in the cloud, my heart in the sky. My life is at risk, My mouth is wide open, and my tongue is not where it is supposed to be. It is …

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Poem for Thursday

Sit, recline then sip your coffee and read The Yellow House Library poem for today, WHITE CARPET by the incredible Tanya Rakh.     White Carpet never hold a bloodstain too long   Only the forevers we Survive   waiting for bleach and summer     Tanya Rakh was born on …

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Mid day poem

We hope James Paul micro poem “Verse Without Alliteration” blessed your afternoon.     Verse Without Alliteration   I’ve been a verse without alliteration. A pitcher full of vain things A vase without a void to fill with earth and flowers, just like a wordless verse.   I’ve held thoughts in …

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Tuesday Poem of the day

Our Poem Of The Day is   •• Oh! Giant of Africa— ABBA ••  by Yakub Yaseer Ọpẹyẹmi we hope you enjoy reading this wonderful poem.     Oh Nigeria! With ink of love; Being shed by wooden pen made of peace – Into a lullaby paper surface; I’m writing this …

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Drowning Myself into Supplication

The Yellow House Library Poem Of The Day is  Drowning Myself into Supplication by Adedamola R Aderibigbe we hope you enjoy reading   I stroll by and by, as infant babbles and coos, appears— overfed by the mother. Some youngsters sprint down the road laughing heartily. I look on in delight. once, …

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Love And Arithmetic

Our Poem Of The Day Is Love And Arithmetic  By Abigail Tydale Bassey   LOVE & ARITHMETIC   Step 1: Me & a new man on social media. Not friends yet. Two different humans. 1&1=2 Step 2: We say “hi”. We say “hi” again and again. It’s funny, we laugh. …

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A Shadow Of The Night

If you have listened to Pat Benatar music  Shadow Of The Night or read Deborah Hakness  Shadow Of Night. Then you should definitely read Benjamim Joāo Luis short story titled  A shadow Of The Night, download read and enjoy Download below A SHADOW OF THE NIGHT About the Author Benjamim …

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