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Identifying the greater picture! A means to an end?

Identifying the greater picture! A means to an end? By Uchihanagato   The inability to see and understand the greater picture behind the concept of love and falling in love which often includes identifying the difference between love and infatuation, considering relationships a means to an end, trust issues and …

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Samuel The Disobedient Child

Then 11years old, when Joyce God’s time joined the Yellow House Library last year as a lender, she said to us, she will one day write a short story of her own, and like everyone else wish, dreams are the mother of reality. Nothing beat determination when the bedrocks of …

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Review Of What Every Child Should Know

“A REVIEW OF LARK SONTANG’s WHAT EVERY CHILD SHOULD KNOW” by  THE YELLOW HOUSE LIBRARY   A veteran author of education, Lark Sontag, in an attempt to aid the little ones through her art has pened down an invaluable motivational tips in her book entitled “What Every Child Should Know”  Despite …

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Senior Secondary School Books

Info Communication and Tech for SSS Bk 1 Information Communication and Technology for Senior Secondary Schools (SS1-SS3) has been specifically written to meet the desire of students for a textbook that will detail comprehensively on Economics as a subject of study. The book is designed to meet the critical targets …

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Junior School Books

Business Studies for JSS 3 Welcome to the world of business. It is an exciting, challenging and rewarding world. It is also a world in which you are involved. Whether as a consumer, a buyer or an employee, you rely daily on a diverse range of businesses for economic survival. …

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Junior Secondary School Books

Fundamentals of basic science for Jss 3 This book, FUNDAMENTALS OF BASIC SCIENCE FOR JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS (JSS1-3) is a complete course consisting of a set of three textbooks. It covers the New National Curriculum on Basic Science (one of the component of Basic Science and Technology) for the Universal …

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