Gaia’s Trial


Gaia’s Trial 

“Ow!’ She groaned in pain.

Her tears fell like mighty torrents of rain.

Too heavy, they damaged the grains

Washed the soil’s face, dug into walk lanes.


” What is it?’ I couldn’t help but ask.

She thundered in reply,*My mask! my mask!!

My mask is being removed like melting wax!

Smokes and fumes destroy my once Green House!” 


My Ice is a tear, from frozen balls to liquid lashes,

My head aches from ribbon Emissions,

My throat now parched as my skin burns,

My heart explodes as I fume in fury!


“I am Gaia, I’m nature herself!

With my bountiful bosom I’ve nurtured man.

But then I watch on in grief,

as my once stunning face is sent adrift.


“What must I do to quell this wind?”I breezed. 

“Is it still possible, what are the Fees?”


“You need but put yourself in check.

It’s your excesses that have flooded the river banks!”


Yes, there’s a chance to overcome this heat!

Reduce the gases and let the air breathe.

If we all rise up to our feet,

we can save nature and help her breathe!



Gloria Ochai is a 19 year-old Nigerian writer. She has written many poems and short stories, some of which includes; The Expired Lagosian, Shortcut to Trouble, The Monster he has Become, Tomorrow Died Yesterday and award winning poetry piece, ‘I can’t breathe ‘. Aside writing, Gloria Ochai has a passion for Pharmacy and Health. She is a strong advocate for mental health and has spoken frequently on Depression and suicide. She is an avid reader and a casual graphic designer. She is also the second runner up of the PROFWIC Poetry Contest 2022, Grand Prize winner, Plateau State NEMA Literary Competition,Runner up of the Jos Editorial CDS Literary Competition, among others

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