How Can We Write To Them

By Arikewusola Abdul Awal

How Can We Write To Them


after they’d handed their portraits

down to us; had made themselves

hermits in some doorless rooms.


after their fears & tears had been

washed away into nothingness, by

the clouds of our poor promises.


that we fail them, that we’ve fallen;

we are sapless suckers? That we

have yawed to an ecdysial path, like


snakes; sloughed off their wisdom

robes? That we betrayed their

restless bones? The tweezer does


not fail in its duties–we failed, our

large eyes dwelt under the glasses

of darkness~darkness we mouthed


as the light. Years were long dead

before the birth of a new morning &

we see the light~light we mouthed


as the darkness. We are–now–

aliens in this place we call home;

suffering reaps our daily toils. Oh!


suffering is a mouse, gnawing at

our little grains of hope & we are

hungry; hungry for their portraits


to reincarnate over. Here, we don’t

call the falling water a rain, it is the

tears the sky sheds to mourn our


lost pride, fine follies & sad ironies–

and that’s the only way to tell them

of our wariness. Our palms still hold


some atoms of hope: our cries

would be heard, our tears shall

slake their burning ires & their


hearts will disgorge all spleens

towards us; a strainer cannot hold

water. But how can we write to


them, of our misdeeds that has

bloomed into sins that raised our

Sons, their Sons’ sons.How can we?




Arikewusola Abdul Awal writes from Oyo state. His poems have appeared on ila magazine, willi wash, Teen Lit journals, Literary Yard, Thirty Shades of Roses Anthology, Broken chunks of heart Anthology, and elsewhere.

When he is not writing, he is found reading or watching movies

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