Identifying the greater picture! A means to an end?

Identifying the greater picture! A means to an end?




The inability to see and understand the greater picture behind the concept of love and falling in love which often includes identifying the difference between love and infatuation, considering relationships a means to an end, trust issues and many others, is the major cause of conflict in most relationships.

While several relationships lasts, a higher percentage is quite the opposite. The thought of these is often disturbing as people who were once in love (or so we thought) often go separate ways for several reasons, even when proper evaluation had been done beforehand.

Telling the difference

A very common observation is that ‘love and interests’ often fades with time in relationships and both parties begin to consider each other a concern or a liability mostly because of their inability to identify the difference between finest attraction, infatuation and love.


A relationship begins and the rest is history. It becomes boring as time pass and what was thought to be love eventually manifests as what it actually was. The conviction to continue dissolves completely, and conflict becomes the order of the day thus breakup becomes imminent.


A means to an end

Majority often consider relationships a means to an end which includes fulfilment and satisfaction of ones desires while manipulating the other party where necessary for their own benefit.

While relationships shouldn’t be one sided, it has become the new normal in my society. Several do not appreciate sincere commitment but simply want sexual satisfaction while the lots consider the relationship a means of increasing their finance via their well-to-do partner.

While one party may be genuinely interested in the other, the other may simply be interested in ‘try-outs’ and having fun. The concept of try-outs often leads to having multiple partners!

A very obvious end I’d presume.

Relationships really shouldn’t be about satisfaction of ones desires via something called ‘selfishness’, but be about what both parties have to offer thus resulting in ‘betterment and amplification’ of each other’s lifestyle into becoming the best versions of themselves.


Although people interested in genuine relationships exist, yet it has become very difficult to tell the difference considering that the ‘selfish’ outnumbers the ‘selfless’.


The concept of relationships today is so messed up that it bothers me, hence my scepticism about ever being in one.

I very well understand that no relationship is perfect and that conflict is inevitable regardless of both parties’ personalities, yet the fact remains that the ability to tell the difference between love and infatuation makes a difference.

Genuine interest in your partner without considering him or her a means to an end, coupled with trust, the willingness to learn and engage in effective communication will bring about understanding and agreement which will elevate the relationship in the long run Relationships are not a means to an end!

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