Love and Lullaby

For lovers who dream of nothingness Temitope Bamidele surely give a poem to run back to read over and over again we hope you enjoy reading this.


Love and Lullaby


Don’t think of falling in love with me

My lips are intoxicating

With the gentle kiss of mine

My arms are warm

With my embracing hugs

I can bring out the best in you

Please, don’t fall in love with me


I can make you fall

I can make you trip

I can make you mad madly in love

Give you butterflies

Give your heart a fuzzy warm feeling

Don’t think of ever falling in love with me



My heart is dark

My heart is cold

My heart hold the deepest secrets

Thorns are found

Broken trust are found

As I can make you trip in Love

I can break that fragile heart of yours



Heart cold as ice

Heart hard as rock

Putting every heart asunder

Don’t ever think of falling for me


Bamidele temitope,is a writer who has written alot of poems and stories so far and her first book which is yet to be published titled “Bringing out the success in you”

She is also a student in the Faculty of pharmacy in Olabisi Onabanjo University.


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