My Spirit Says So

We hope you enjoy reading this poem, “My Spirit Says So” by Owoeye Taiwo Bisola.


My Spirit Says So


Sometimes I want to throw in the towel but it becomes heavy and sticky to my fingers;

I’m brainwashed by the speech my spirit speaks to me “don’t ever throw in the towel,” she says to me daily.


Truth be told, it’s not by power nor by might but as my spirit says so I do, we are unified you see,

My gloves are torn with doubts about how I could ever make a change in a ring where disasters reside.



My opponents are terrible, they kick me in the groins and punch my throat with hostility,

My brawns are not needed here but my brain is, my spirit is harmonious with my strength to right the wrongs.


I do not own a broom to brush away the heinous webs on the bands that hold the arena together,

But justice is my middle name so I will meddle with the injustices eating away at the flesh of my humanity, so help me God.



Owoeye Taiwo Bisola  is a writer/poet. She is a published author of an anthology of poems titled “A Colourless Hello”, (now on Amazon). You can connect with her on Instagram (@dhechosen1), Twitter (@DHECHOSEN1), Facebook (Owoeye Taiwo Bisola), and Linkedln (OwoeyeTaiwo Bisola).

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