Narrative of a bread casted upon a water that didn’t return

By Emmanuel Yamba


Narrative of a bread casted upon a water that didn’t return


I. Pre exam 


this poem starts with a boy who knows :

“he who fails to prepare, prepares to fail”

he musters the courage to avoid social activities

summons his books out of the bag to the table

& kept them open, sailing


he wants to live the words of Shakespeare,

“the height by which great men reached wasn’t

sudden flight, while their companions slept,

they toil at night”

so when night brings heavy eyes, he baptize his legs

in cold water

still traveling through the pages of book


before he calls it a day, he tries to provide

answers for possible questions

& ends the night with a smiley face

while burying himself under the bed sheet




II. Exam & Aftermath 


He travelled fast like light to school

beating rest off his body

he reads his instructor lips,

if you won’t comply, you will complain

but he managed to sit a test 

that made his brain look like an empty sheet of paper


he left the hall in tears

hope was like a broken anchor – nothing to hold onto

this boy is eager to know how to pass 

a test produced from lessons you haven’t learn before –

without paying for grade


heartbroken he walks home counting steps

the feedback of the exam was plastered on his contenance.



Emmanuel G G Yamba is an undergraduate science student at the University of Liberia. His works has been featured and forthcoming in Salamander Ink Magazine, WSA, Eboquill, Spillword, Nantygreen and elsewhere




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