By Timothy Adedeji



If only you know resolutions are beyond writing

But based on how well you’ve mastered the right thing

Resolutions are not a wishlist culture

They need to reminisce in their head throughout the year

Because your refusal to make it work will bring you torture.


Everyone is putting something down on a paper

So you decided to join without thinking proper

You wrote down first class

But always not in class

My brother and my sister stay calm

Are you not your scam?


You want to get a car and a mansion

But yet you keep chatting and saying I don’t like stress

Hope you know that jail, is not just for big thieves.

Your bravado in mere nothingness

Has deposited a temporal joy in your heart

And sadly it has refused you a push out of stagnation.


You are pregnant with ideas

But they keep going off through your loins of procrastination

You keep wasting your time trying to tell Don

How you caught Simon sneaking out of his bedroom

Yet, you refuse to work on your own life.


This is a new year

Act and go off the shackles of fear

If you want to live according to all you have planned

You need to train yourself

By eliminating the thief who is armed to the teeth

Who is ready to steal your time.


Timothy Adedeji is a writer, poet, and spoken word artist. He started writing in 2021, he is an aspiring Biochemist in one of Nigeria’s prestigious universities.

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