By Odebode Tayo


At first the sun show

No interest of coming out

The morn clad in bleak light

& The day wore a gloomy mask


The rain, when came her time

Remained still, slumbering

In ample clothe of the sky

& The day gave a sweltering scowl


The atmosphere grieved

Everywhere winced in pain

The city writhed & twitched

& The day’s air bland & sour


I mused around in bewilderment

Like a husband whose brain

Is doused dumb by the hot breath

Of a shrewish & waspish wife


I who thought the future would

Lie down stiffed in death

That the future would mourn more

In the bleak, ripped garb of failure


When suddenly came light

That of the day in brilliance

When the heaven broke & cracked

& Poured pell-mell on the withering hope.




I’ve seen the plain,

Fluffy color of the sky

Driftedly turned cloudy

Thunder roaring and, its

Claps clashing raucously

At the entrance of my ears.


Then, it cracked and the sun

Broke out of its captivity

The world awash with a fresh

And renew energy and light

And the gloomy thick air

Dissolved into liveliness.


I awed at the abrupt change

And marveled at how briskly

And decisively the nature 

Can change and, so the life

Of human being came into my mind


The impermanence of nothingness

Which holds allure in its hand

Teasing the wants of man

Making us pit all our strength

To wrest it away from its hand

And own it for ourselves


Yet, once we get one 

We want more in a chain

Only death can break

And this death is a phase

That can happen at anytime

And anywhere, regardless.




Odebode Tayo, he’s a lover of art of which had chosen poetry as a preferable genre, as well an avid reader who loves to read and write the voice suppressed down in his heart.


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