Open Reading Continues

We took our open reading to another level today, as teens from the community reads verses off Teka Lark “What Every Child Should Know” and also share some of their short stories with the rest of the world through Clubhouse.

Nothing beat the smile on their faces when people listening were applauding them, and urging them, at some point one of the teens broke into tears, I wasn’t expecting that to be honest. We have the usual Oghenenyore Oletu with us who read some powerful poems from his upcoming Chapbooks!

And finally the Bayelsa State Youth President Mr, Peres Ineife Journeys down to pay us a visit and give some words of advice to The Yellow House Library community of readers.

It has been an awesome year, and what I think will be the end of our weekly open reading for the year turns out to be the beginning of more and more readings as all of the teens voted against cancelling it.

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  1. This is great, keep up the good work.

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