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The Yellow House Library poem of the day is “There’s No Rose Without Thorn” by Oletu


‘There’s No Rose Without’


there’s no rose without

thorns, not thorns

but prickles,

keeping away predators



our love, engineered

by nature, for self-defense

& we survived the rocks,

welcoming new neighbours

but we shine alone

warding off intruders


& when we bloom

beautiful colour


what we’ve nurtured

becomes inviting symbol of love


against the odds we survived

by our prickles

& we became

the symbol of love


& we became a phrase —

there’s no rose without…





or there’s no love without…

Oletu Oghenenyore C. is a poet, content creator, storyteller and an aluminium fabricator based in Creek area of Southern Nigeria. He hails from Ughelli-South LGA of Delta State. His works have appeared in some anthologies and online journals like ArtingArena.







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