Poem of The Week

The Yellow House Library recieved more than 5 submission for our poem of the week and we are glad to announced that Oletu Oghenenyore C.  Poem “For You” emerge as our poem of the week.




By Oletu Oghenenyore C.

(dedicated to the One I may never have)

for you, dear

i lose my talking tongue

i can’t even whisper, not even in the dark

for you, i

try to find words

but they remain unclear

and like untuned guitar

my voice you can’t hear

for you, a poem

i would have written

being a poet

just to let you know

but i enter writers’ bloc


for you, the board

miss the chalk

blank, no print

my legs couldn’t move to buy ink either

for you, a boat

i manage to build

so we elope to the countryside

just to keep us afloat

but we never sail; i

couldn’t reach you —

why, cos

i don’t know how

to say you I love you







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