Poetry: Mud House

Mud House

Poem by 16years old Goodness Godstime, a member of The Yellow House Library reading community


Yesterday my father sent my brother packing

Today we are packing mud to fill the void

we have to build again,

We have to build from my brother mistake

Don’t mistake me for a little girl


what make a father fight his only son

I pray he doesn’t join the bad boys forever

Who only main focus is to destroy what has been built, they destroy my brother

My father catches him smoking

He was angry, all his words were fire

Hurtful and painful to my ear

My father works in the army but he’s now retired

He knows how to train a boy but do you think he knows how to build a home?


I hope you enjoy my poem, I will be reading two of my poems next week.

Thank you I will read your comments next week please drop them.

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