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Drowning Myself into Supplication

The Yellow House Library Poem Of The Day is  Drowning Myself into Supplication by Adedamola R Aderibigbe we hope you enjoy reading


I stroll by and by, as infant babbles and coos, appears—

overfed by the mother. Some youngsters sprint down the

road laughing heartily. I look on in delight.

once, I got my wind of prayers to the Lord over ‘salatu-asr’ seldom,

unresolved. Never been a day amid asr that I dare not kiss the earth

with my lower body and drown my eyes to my Lord’s content.

I recline with soreness and anguish, assuring myself of the recompense.

ceaselessly, without cease. Perhaps Angel Gabriel appears weary of my unrest

and blew up.

Was there ever a life void of unrest and distress?

And the Lord is swamped with numberless supplications.

The trails of unanswered prayers perched on my back wailing

to be let off. I reek of exhaust.




Adedamola Ruqayyah Aderibigbe is a Nigerian writer who resides in Ogun State and communicates her feelings through writing. she studies Education and English at Tai Solarin university of education, Ijebu ode, Nigeria. She has works published on The Kalahari Review & poemify publishers inc.

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