Portrait of a boy, seeking faith

By Olayioye Paul

Portrait of a boy, seeking faith. 


i carve a white bird in my heart

& i crave for realism. 


last week, the parson preached 

faith & love like two inevitable 

element to birth realism. 

i swear, i lack the faith he preached. 


sometimes, i wonder why everything 

requires faith from my hand, like

Ifa asking for sacrifice to wash the drats 

dappling a metropolis. 


last month, my mother was sick & the

pastor ask if i have faith. as though 

my faith is a prerequisite for her healing. 

he said, lay your hands everyday on her

for five days. 

but instead, her sickness blossoms, flowered

her holistic body. 


day before yesterday was new year eve, 

& i pray that my doubt is crucify; that

God should help my unbelief. i hope my

unbelief doesn’t open his peacock thistles

& shroud my prayers. 



Olayioye Paul Bamidele is a writer and a student of mass communication. His works have appeared or forthcoming in SpillWord, Lunaris, Artlounge, Afreecan, and elsewhere

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