Precious Pleasure Is Our Star Of The Week

Diamonds in the gutter? Yes,  You’ve found any?

Oh yes!

From the deep end of a street called night, we have the amazing youngster Precious Pleasure as our “Star Of The Week”  what a pleasure to have the superb Pleasure as our star of The week. Born on the 9th of October 2004, the budding star from Sagbama local government area of Bayelsa state derives pleasure in drawing

The rising sun art work


And writing, we are so pleased to feature him as our star of the week, below is his poem, read enjoy and support this amazing talent.

The Rising Sun

O ye rising sun

Around thee the earth undergo a round turn

This been known by a young sun

From one generation shall be pass on


Thou rise from the north not  east

And we do feel thy heat

Thou do rest in the west

After thou hath saved my clothes from been wet



Thou showeth forth thy anger on us

By means of thy heat you are harsh on us

We been born to this

Got to live by it



But thou art beautiful

Even as thou art dutiful

For to shine is thy work

For around thee the earth shall turn.


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