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Purple Patches

By Priye Kensomo


Episode 1: The Clash

It was a humid evening in July, and the streets of the city were buzzing with tension. For months, there had been rumors of a clash between two rival gangs – the Bloods and the Crips – and tonight, it seemed, those rumors were coming to fruition.


As she walked home from her after-school tutoring session, 14-year-old Layefa could sense the tension in the air. She quickened her pace, hoping to make it home before anything happened.


But she was too late. Just a few blocks away from her house, she heard the sound of gunshots. She froze, her heart racing with fear. She knew she needed to get off the street and find somewhere safe to hide.


She ducked into a nearby alley and crouched behind a dumpster. She could hear shouting and more gunshots in the distance. She was terrified, but she knew she couldn’t stay there forever.


After a few minutes, the gunfire died down. Layefa cautiously peeked out from behind the dumpster and saw that the street was empty. She took a deep breath and made a run for it, sprinting the rest of the way home.


Episode 2: The Struggle

Layefa’s neighborhood was known for its high crime rate and poverty. Her parents worked long hours just to make ends meet, leaving Layefa to take care of her younger siblings after school.


Despite the challenges she faced, Layefa was determined to succeed. She spent every spare moment studying and doing homework, hoping to one day escape the cycle of poverty that had trapped her family for generations.


But as she sat in her cramped bedroom that night, listening to the sound of police sirens outside, Layefa felt overwhelmed. She knew that the violence and gang activity in her neighborhood made it hard to focus on her education. She wondered if she would ever be able to break free.


Episode 3: The Hope

The next day at school, Layefa was surprised to see a new face in her classroom. It was a woman from a local non-profit organization that provided free tutoring and mentoring to kids in underserved communities.


The woman spoke to the class about the importance of education and how it could help them achieve their dreams. Layefa listened intently, feeling a glimmer of hope.

After the presentation, Layefa approached the woman and asked how she could get involved with the program. The woman gave her a flyer and told her to come to the next tutoring session.


For the next few months, Layefa attended the tutoring sessions regularly. She worked hard and made steady progress in her studies. She also met other kids who shared her struggles and her dreams.


With the help of the program, Layefa was able to graduate high school and go on to college. She became a successful lawyer, using her education and her experiences to fight for justice in her community.


Looking back on those dark days, Layefa knew that it was the hope and support of others that had helped her overcome the violence, poverty, and gang activity that threatened to swallow her up. She was grateful for the people who had believed in her and helped her achieve her dreams.



About The Author

Priye Kensomo is a 14years old member of The Yellow House Library in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State Nigeria.


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