By Excel Chinagorom Michael


I died in many journals &

still resurrect in a television channel

uttering, in the eye of many cameras.


I want to belief before I assumed

that death is a lost product to afterlife

& that what happens afterlife is a recreation

of every molecules of my sameness.


Now for some reasons— a strange reason

a part of me is enough to pull down 

a skyscraper because I’m not just a human,

I’m an implosion in the hand of a homo soloensis beast.

Both of us strangers to everyone and everywhere.


It is very difficult to point out what happens

to my body & 

the factions of my spirit man.

Both of them variability.


But there is a river in my head

throwing crimson to trigger world war;

the waters of betrayal 

& the being wander out of me

with wings. a part of me is his fullness!


Friends forgive me I say I’m a wayward wind

in love with the air from Pent & Brent.



Excel Chinagorom Michael is a poet, blogger and content/graphics developer living in the suburbs of Aba. He is anxious about documenting realities into streams of words. He was shortlisted for the Konnect E-Zine poetry prize and the best of the finalists, 2020. His most recent works have appeared in Poemify Publishers Inc, Poetry Soup, Williwash, Fivers of Mind, Thirty-Two Shades of a Rose: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry. Excel is a Gospel vocalist and one intrigued by music, sports: A Manchester united fan and fashion. You can wave him on Twitter: @ExcelChinagorom; Instagram: @excel_mike





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