Samuel The Disobedient Child

Then 11years old, when Joyce God’s time joined the Yellow House Library last year as a lender, she said to us, she will one day write a short story of her own, and like everyone else wish, dreams are the mother of reality.

Nothing beat determination when the bedrocks of one’s endeavours is focus and nothing else beat the joy of reading your story to group of friends.


Today we have the now 12years old Joyce God’s time with her debut short story, “Samuel The Disobedient Child”  we hope you enjoy it.

Joyce reading her short story

Once Upon a time, before the world goes mobile and vehicles their live a boy named Samuel, born with a smile on a beautiful day, Samuel grew to be a disobedient child to his parents, he was born in a village called Odua Village, Odua village is well known for its sacred religious practices and every last Friday of each month, the community always hold a meeting.

The meeting was usually held in the village hall called igbarapata and attended by all families members from each house hold, this meeting is always hold between twelve p.m (12’o clock) in the afternoon to  one pm (1’o clock) the purpose of the meeting is to make sure no one visits the Odua river between that period because it is assumed that the marmaid  are outside to breath fresh air at that time.

So one fateful Friday, when Samuel was fourteen  years old, as usual every family members had gathered in the town hall but Samuel had faked a severe sickness so his parents couldn’t take him with them to the town hall instead they wrapped him on the bed and ask him to stay quiet inside the house till them come back. Samuel waited quietly and as soon as his parents are out of sight he swung into action and head to the river to because he’d told his friend, Pere that he will go and check if truly there are marmaids in the river, once he get to the river, he sat quietly by the river bank waiting to see the marmaids, he hadn’t sit more than 3 minutes when he heard a voice saying

“They warned you not to come and you still disobeyed your parent, we will teach you a lesson”

On hearing this he turn around to run but his leg couldn’t move and suddenly his clothes disappeared from his body and from nowhere three stroke of cane landed on his buttocks, he shouted and beg for forgiveness, that he will always listened to his parents but it was too late as another round of three stroke landed on his buttocks, he was beaten more and more till they had enough and order him to run but still he couldn’t move and then he suddenly find himself back in the house, on the bed.



Thank you for reading my short story, I hope you enjoy it.

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