Summary Of harvest Of Corruption

Read fifteen years old Aylbamiesintei Napoleon summary of Harvest Of Corruption.

Napoleon Aylbamiesintei

Honestly this would have been the best book I have read but the Nigerian women shouldn’t be always write into a book in such way because book live a memory in our hearts either good or bad, the story itself is about a young lady who was desperately looking for a job, but luck wasn’t too far from her, she was later employed as a protocol officer in the ministry of external relationship, she was then used by the chief who constantly take advantage of her and use his position to get into her pants and then impregnated her, she was used to push cocaine out of Nigeria, unfortunately she was caught and jailed.

Yes it is a NIGERIAN thing the chief later use his position and connections to free her from detention, at the end she died while giving birth, although the chief was arrested and jailed for 25years but it can never bring back what is lost.

In summary men occupied the better space and positions and it is always written in stories and book.

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