The Last Hello

          The last “Hello”



I cry rivers of tears whenever I think about our last “Hello”

I was working, but I had to call to see how you were doing that morning.

You could barely speak

you could barely breathe.

The only and last word you said was: I can’t breathe.

I kept yelling “Hello”, “Hello Mom”, but you couldn’t answer

You didn’t have the strength to hold a simple cell phone in your hands

I was mentally paralyzed, lost my breath

The ´´tum tum´´ at the end of the call

It was actually your farewell

The last “Hello”

The pain in my chest is immeasurable.

when I lost you,

I lost the world.

you were everything

And but a little.

Please God you are in a better place

Today is another one of those days when homesickness hits

It beats so much that I cry through the verses of memory

Wherever you are,

Know that I still feel your presence.

Mother, your throne in my life is irreplaceable

No other woman

Will ever be able to give the same, unconditional love.



 Benjamim João Luis is a young Mozambican, teacher, poet and emerging writer, currently working in the transport and logistics industry. He is general secretary of the Association Clube do Livro da Beira, which is a legal entity or organization that promotes and encourage reading and literature in the city of Beira, in Mozambique, a country located in the Southeast of the African continent. He is a dynamic young man and dreams of publishing his first work in the national market, as he aspires to one day be a world-renowned writer. His work or texts are published on different platforms, such as the Association Clube do Livro da Beira, Os Poetas Vivem, which is a Brazilian page, and on his own social networks

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