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The Lemon Fresh Scent Of Atonement

By Keely Dorran

The Lemon Fresh Scent Of Atonement

Jesus came
With nonsense
to lift me from a killing shame

He listened
I fought him
fought the love he had to bring

the instinct of transgression
by the violet blood of someone

I have never met,
but his spirit
his spirit keeps on

sending out
extending out
a bloom in the wound of mud

have I not known you forever?
god in the mind of my brother

god in my son
god in my lover
we share the Sonship

the lemon fresh scent of Atonement
and soul motherhood
where the music is good

taking us into the moment
right into another plane
a lunatic transcendence

and above
the pain

In the ecstatic womb
of mind we meet
the instant of salvation:

one heart extended
into the wound of separation
taken on

for love
for love
for love

for love
bigger than the urge
to self -destruct.


Keely Dorran (Chickamauga) is a mother, poet, artist, and activist for hope living in Sacramento, California, USA. She has served in editorial positions for A.E.O.N.- Artists Evolving our (global) Nation, Tule Review, and Luminous Mind. She has been published in Freethought, Poetry Now, and One Dog Press, along with other periodicals. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art History at CSUS. Gold Lion Arts in Sacramento featured her first solo show of fine art photography in 2020. Her digital art and mixed media paintings show periodically in group exhibitions along the West Coast since 1998.


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