Two poems (Sunsets and Letter To Dee)

By Peter Okon


Heavenly decor slides through the clouds

in a graceful slither,

Chill winds howl menacingly

as the sun bows in the west.


Dusk rises like an angry giant

stealing the light of the day,

Eerie wails of hungry children

Describes the spirits of night.


It’s yet another sunset-

Another day is gone.


Every sunset is a gift

Old age of similar thrill,

So as dry old leaves are falling

before my very eyes,

I in my proclivity await my turn.






A Letter to Dee


The fact that I have you at heart at all times

is a sign that you have become part of me.

What is life without the one you love?

Is it not day without the sun?

You are my sun Dee.


Mother taught me to be true to myself & I am,

my heart tells me you are the one for me.

Dee, the song on my lips is your name

and I can sing it best holding your hands.

Do not neglect my outstretched hands.


Yesterday, I took a walk around the field

& all I could see were flower decorated trees 

 & gaciously coloured butterflies.

Oh Dee, what promise does my life hold without you?




Peter Okon is a Nigerian essayist and poet. He is a final year student of Medical Physiology, University of Uyo. He has several honorary mentions and was a finalist at the UBA Foundation National Essay competition. Most of his works are forthcoming

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