Watch Poet Chiwan Choi reads to our community

It was a sunny saturday morning when the Yellow House Library teens arrived earlier than expected, all looking schmick and stunning,  they already know, this will be the first time some of them will be watching poetry being read to them.

It was more different because we will be watching (poetry) the legendary L.A poet and editor Chiwan Choi reads to us from his home in Pittsburgh. Earlier on, On Friday I’d hint them that someone from America will be reading to them, and like a hungry man sighting a food, we are excited to watch and listen to one of the voice we now lived to admire.

I set up my mobile network network, placed the phone on the table and log on to YouTube for them to enjoyed the pre-recorded video.

After watching this amazing video my community members insisted on having their own open reading and also want to write poems, two weeks later they have the opportunity to read and write.

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