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We visited The School For Special Children

Apparently Favor a special child from The Yellow House Library Community took her copy of The Yellow House Pictures Book Compilation  to School and her classmates and friends has been buzzing and eagered to be part of The Yellow House Library creative community.

a Drawing made by 13years old Hearing impaired Student


Initially I was scheduled to deliver a speech about the essence of education to the students of Bayelsa State School For Children With Special Needs this month but it seems the kids are anxious and can’t wait.


Here is Patrick who after seeing some of the drawings and clay moulding in our previous published books, uses a cardboard to construct a ship and a Lorry and eversince he has been disturbing the school principal that he wanted to see me, it is funny because Patrick has difficulty in speaking instead he constantly dragged the principal to Favours class and kept pointing to a picture of me in The Yellow House Library Picture Book Compilations.


The second frame is a picture drew by 10 years old Ebiere who has hearing- impaired. She was not in school as at the moment of taking this photos.


The stage is set and the battle of creativity has been drawn today! Can’t wait to share with you what this special kids have in stocked for The Yellow House Library


Never forget that The world is ONE and we can be that ONE Championship anywhere at anytime!


Our first draw is next week!!

Autism class Vs Hearing- impaired

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